The Program & Design Session efficiently identifies all the goals, functions, features, budgets, appearances, concerns and tools that are critical to a project and brings them together into a sustainable solution.

Design excellence takes dedication and diligence on the part of everyone involved, from the very beginning. All our work starts out with an in-depth session to determine all the day to day functions and features needed, the budget, any goals for the future that may affect current plans and the look or ‘feel’ that is most appropriate for you and the project.


The heart of this process is to make use of the ‘brain-storming’ session, involving all key persons involved with a project including, but not limited to, the Owner, their staff and all the consultants; for an interactive and collaborative session which allows for maximum input and communication during an intense and productive design process. This approach also provides the team members with a base of knowledge from which rational, informed decisions can be made throughout subsequent phases of the project.



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